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Essential Oils, Seductive Fragrances, Aroma Chemicals,  Intoxicating Scents & Specialty Flavors abound. The romantic scents of the ocean at night...Orange Blossoms on a cool summers morning...

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About Gorlin & Company Incorporated

For over 17 years Gorlin & Company have been supplying fine essential oils and extracts all over the world, with warehouses located along the eastern coast of the United States. Our Corporate head quarters is located in Central Florida's Space Coast, home of the Kennedy Space Center.shuttle1 (2).jpg (29765 bytes)

Reliable Suppliers

The consent communications between Gorlin & Company with our growers and processors along with the technical knowledge that Gorlin & Company has to offer secures a steady stream of quality products our customers . Together, selecting the finest raw materials brings greater confidence of quality that our customers have grown to expect. Why shouldn't you.

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